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Is StartupTDITM for you?

Laser-sharp focus

Is your to-do list constantly too long, growing with new ideas faster than you are able to execute?

Founder alignment

Are you struggle making decisions that meet the visions of all founders?

Implementing OKRs

Is your company in such a rapidly changing developmental stage that classical OKRs become obsolete already in 2-3 weeks?

Winning culture

Is rapid growth hurting the culture you envision for your company?

Team alignment

Are rapid changes and turnarounds creating confusion and conflict, eating up energy and willpower of the entire team?

Extraordinary results

No goal is too ambitious, when you have laser-sharp focus and every single person on your team is aligned with the goals!

What is StartupTDITM?

Startup Team Development IntensiveTM (TDI) is a 14-hour intensive development program, which is specifically created to help startups.
The program is about hitting your goals while developing a high-performing culture in the process.

Laser-sharp goals

3 x 1-hour 1:1 sessions with founders to get them aligned first.

Core team alignment

1 x 1-hour session with key people in the team to fine-tune and create alignment in the core team.

Team Intensive

2 x 4-hour whole team workshops – solving burning issues, agreeing on actions, resolving conflict etc – to achieve goals and develop the habit of openly raising any issue in a non-blaming and non-shaming way. #1 skill in turbulent environments.


1 x 2-hour follow-up session with the whole team to ensure that you are on track.

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About Us

Chris Crosby

Chris Crosby supports leaders in diverse industries clarify challenges and implement. He has held adjunct positions and has extensive international experience.
He guides organizations through culture change with a business metric focus that gets record results by utilizing a variety of models, methods and strategies.
Chris is grounded in applied behavioral science with an eye towards emotional intelligence (EQ).
Chris’s superpower is recognizing unproductive patterns between people, within groups, and throughout organizations and helping them discover paths to transformation.

Elar Killumets

Over the years, Elar has established himself as innovative and unorthodox change helper, organization development mentor and leadership trainer.
His main job is helping business leaders build better companies, able to flourish in uncertainty and during high speed of growth.
Elar’s scope is always the organization as a whole, focusing only on the most important parts affecting the performance.
Elar’s superpower is seeing through the root cause of things in any company – therefore helping them to reach new levels faster and easier by changing only that critical part. Just give him an hour to talk to the CEO!

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